May. 6th, 2009


May. 6th, 2009 06:32 pm
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I'm happy that someone beat me to making a l4d community, it obviously shows how popular the damn game is! Either way welcome, join both, or either it doesn't matter. I'll be covering both PC and 360.

Most recent news would be the Survival Pack that Valve finally released:

The free Survival Pack adds the new Survival game mode, where players are given time to dig in before fending off unceasing zombie hordes in an attempt to survive as long as possible. Survival Mode is played on 12 new maps--11 being sections of existing levels and 1 created especially for Survival Mode, Lighthouse.

The Survival Pack also brings Versus mode to the final two co-op campaigns, Dead Air and Death Toll. This release coincides with the release of Left 4 Dead: Critics Choice Edition, which contains the original game plus the Survival Pack.

info courtesy of left4dead 411

This menu mod for PC is pretty awesome. I'm sure with a little google detective work you can grab it for yourself.

I'll also have a gamertag masterlist once we get some people on board. Mine is knobs or gtfo.


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